Main Dishes

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Cow Skin

Chicken Foot

Chop Suey

Bake Chicken
Seasoned to perfection, and bake to perfection

Brown Stewed Chicken
Chicken lightly fried and stewed down in a delicious browm sauce

Jerk Chicken
Cuts of chicken marinated overnight and cooked in homemade jamaican seasoning

Tender pieces of oxtails browned and simmered down with lima beand and carrots

Curry Goat
Stewed Goat mutton marinated and simmeres in tasty curry sauce

Fried Chicken
Chicken golden fried to perfection Buff Patty style

Curry Chicken
Sauteed chunks of chicken cooked with garlic, thyme, scallions, and tasty curry sauce

BBQ Chicken
Chicken seasoned to perfection, slow cooked in Buff Patty special babeque sauce

Sauted with Buff Patty special seasonings, and mix vegetables

Stew Peas

Stew Beef
Tender beef lightly browned and stewed down in tasty brown sauce

Cow Foot and Beans
Cow Foot sauteed in beans

Tripe and Beans
Tender Tripe serve with sauteed beans

Vegetable Dishes
Vegetables sauteed