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Buying Guide: Black and Decker Food Processor Parts 2024

Black and Decker Food Processor Parts:

Most of the people out there do not consider the shopping of a food processor a tricky business. Well actually, it is a fairly simple process, and you have to keep your requirements in mind.

There are a lot of reputable brands, and the pricing of the brands is also somewhat similar. So, you head out to the market and buy the food processor you like the most.

So why do I have to know anything about the Black and Decker food processor parts? You may question. Well, ask me. Knowing about the food processor parts is very important. Currently, I am working as a head chef in a beach resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Due to my long career as a cook, I have come across more food processors than people from other professions see on average. It is crucial for anyone who has to cook or work in a kitchen to know about the food processor parts.

If one knows about the parts of a food processor, then it will be very helpful to him in deciding on buying the most suitable food processor.

Often if a food processor malfunctions, it is due to one of or many of its parts. So now you can have an idea of the importance of parts in a food processor. Many companies give a warranty on various parts of the food processor, while many other companies do not cover the parts explicitly in their warranty.

Due to this, if a part of a food processor malfunctions, you have to replace the food processor or at least have to pay for the service, repair, or replacement of the part.

Also, some parts of food processors by specific companies are not available separately in the market. So, in that case, the replacement of the single part is not possible. Therefore, if you have to hop for a food processor, do some homework about its parts.

Black and Decker Quick and Easy Food Processor Parts:

This post will look at Black and Decker Food Processor parts of various types and sizes. If your own any of the brand’s food processors, the genuine spare parts are available, as shall see below.

Check the site for the part number of the part you are looking for and the model numbers of compatible food processors.

Food Pusher:

The Black and Decker Food Pusher happens to be a replacement part for the brand’s food processors. The Food Pusher can work with the Black and Decker FP1000M, FP1800B, and FP1600B Food Processors.

It is made from top-notch plastic; this food pusher helps in channeling food into the work bowl via the feed chute of the processor.

One important point to note is that you do not require any tool to replace this food pusher. Just take out the old broken or worn-out food pusher, then insert the brand new one in its place. Note that the food pusher is sold separately as a replacement part. You can get it on Amazon.

8 Cup Processing Work Bowl

Weighing just 0.75 lbs., this 8 Cup Processing Work Bowl from Black and Decker is the heart of the food processor.

This is so because in it does the magic of food processing happen. If your FP1600B or FP1800B food processor had a crash and the work bowl got damaged, fear not, make an order for this original part.

It comes with a handy handle and has an 8-cup capacity for processing large amounts at a go. Made of high-quality plastic; this work bowl can be used to replace an old one without using any tool. It is sold as a single replacement part.

8 Cup Processing Work Bowl Cover

The Black and Decker 8-Cup Processing Work Bowl Cover happens to be the main cover for the work bowl. This cover is compatible with the Black and Decker FP1600B, FP1800B, FP1600WC, and FP1700B 8-Cup Food Processor. Weighing 0.36 lbs., the cover is made of durable transparent plastic. It is sold as an individual replacement part.

If your old cover is broken, using the food processor will be a challenge. This is because the content of the processor will spill or leak as the appliance works. To avoid this waste or messy situation, order this part on Amazon.

Slice/​Shred Disc- Stainless Steel

If your food processor does not blend food properly, it’s a clear sign that the slice or shred disc is bad or blunt. To kick the processor back in action, replace this part. It is made from stainless steel; the disc weighs 0.2. lbs. and goes between the bowl cover and the disc stem.

To replace your broken or blunt blade, you can do that without tools. This part is sold as an individual replacement part, and it is compatible with the Black and Decker FP1600B, FP1700B 8-Cup, and FP1800B Food Processors.

Stainless Steel Chopping Blade

The Black and Decker Chopping Blade is made of plastic and features stainless steel blades. This versatile blade can be put to different uses in the food processor.

It works perfectly with the following Black and Decker Food Processors – The FP1600B, the FP1700B 8-Cup, and the FP1800B food processors. The blade can mix, mince, coarsely chop, finely chop and puree food items.

Replacing the stainless steel chopping blade can do done effortlessly because of its design. It is purposely built for fast, easy, and toolless replacement sold individually; the blade weighs only 0.13lbs.

Work Bowl Coupling

The Black and Decker Work Bowl Coupling is a replacement part for the brand’s food processors. It is a vital part that allows the motor to drive the blade of the processor.

When the work bowl coupling of your food similar replacement for lost or damaged original coupling in the unit when it was new. This durable Black and Decker Coupling weighs 0.17lbs. shipped directly from the manufacturer.

This part works well with the Black and Decker FP1600B, FP1800B, and FP17008 8-Cup Food Processor. Note: Refer to the owner’s manual in case of replacement of this part.

Disc Stem

The Black and Decker Disc Stem weighs 0.041lbs. and it’s made of a plastic body with a metal shaft. It comes with Black and Decker Food Processors and is positioned at the unit’s base to hold the disk assembly. It works with the Black and Decker FP1600B. If required, a genuine disc stem makes your order here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where Can I Purchase Black And Decker Parts For Food Processor?

Black and Decker parts for Food Processors are available offline and online. If you search online, you get a lot of dealers and retail stores.

If you Google “Black and Decker parts near me,” you will have different options of stores near you. Furthermore, E-commerce sites offering such parts for sale, such as Amazon, eBay, etc., abound on the internet.

However, for spare parts you can count on as authentic and original, go to The reason why we recommend is that, unlike the earlier mentioned E-commerce sites, they sell spare parts and tools making them a specialist in that area. They offer prompt service, toll-free support, and worldwide easy shipping.

Just hook up and type in part you are looking for on the “Find Parts Fast” search bar for a catalog of parts and tools.


Now you don’t have to panic or worry about the chances of getting an original replacement part for any of your food processors any longer. With the mouse click, you can order authentic parts that were shipped directly from the manufacturer and pick it at your doorstep.

Whichever Black and Decker food processor you have from the following FP1600BFP1800B, FP2500, FP1140BD, FP2500, FP1700B, FP18008, FP1450, there are spare parts for them. So, what are you waiting for? Make that call now.

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