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Buffs Menu for short is a list of delicious dishes prepared from famous restaurants such as Caribbean Restaurant NYC, American Restaurants NYC, and Jamaican Restaurants NYC. With two locations in New York (Brooklyn and Long Island). Therefore, Buff Patty Caribbean and American restaurant boast a delightful array of food that tantalizes any palette. [1]


376 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205
Tel: (718) 855-3266
Fax: (718) 855-6960

Hours of Operation
Sundays: 9am-9pm
Mon-Sat: 7am-10pm
Note: Menu prices vary by location

Brooklyn Menu: Brown Stewed Chicken served fresh daily. That plus more special treats. Download our menu today!


798 Elmont Road Elmont, NY 11003
Tel: (516) 285-0382

Hours of Operation
Sundays: 9am-8pm
Mon-Sat: 7am-10pm
Note: Menu prices vary by location

Elmont Menu: Moreover, try our delicious array of cakes along with your favorite dish. Download our full menu today!



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Beef Patty

Beef patties recipe: Beef Patties are a childhood favorite of mine. This beef patty with a rich, buttery crust combined with the seasoned meat inside will melt in your mouth and tempt your tastebuds.





Combining the pastry with the filling:

Buffs Menu: Buff Patty Restaurant

Certainly, Buff Patty Restaurant has a branch called Buff Patty Brooklyn, NY 11205. Similarly, this is a quality and relaxing Caribbean Restaurant NYC in Brooklyn. They also have another restaurant, Buff Patty Elmont.

So, this restaurant is decorated with details that exude a charming and friendly look. Besides, the interior layout of the Buff Patty Brooklyn restaurant is also very modern and elegant. Therefore, come here to relax and enjoy delicious dishes like beef patties with coco bread on weekend nights or big occasions.

You will also get to see pedestrians and romantic spaces. So, all daily menus are thoroughly freshly prepared in the kitchen. Moreover, it includes buff food, fresh fish, pies, steaks, and specialties at a price that will fit your budget.

Because all the food is prepared carefully by the kitchen, it can meet almost all customers’ needs. During, the chefs at this restaurant are all professional in handling food. However, they certainly need the help of a food processor.

Also, Buff Patty Restaurant was founded in many different places and has been loved by locals for many years. However, Featured with the famous beef patties and coco bread, and patty everywhere. This New York Caribbean Restaurant offers delicious NYC Caribbean food with seafood, steak, and pasta.

So, the Buffs menu is complete and many choices of the best Jamaican Food NYC. In short, the menu is fully prepared to serve all customers as many as the most demanded. You will be delighted because there is a place to relax and enjoy delicious food at the weekends.

Who is Buffs Menu for?

Above all, Buffs Menu – Buff Patty Caribbean Cuisine was started by Patrick and his wife Sophia in December of 2014. Meanwhile, the company has managed to see steady growth by merely doing it the “old fashion” way (word of mouth).

So, Patrick and Sophia started this company because they saw that Buffs Menu could use some Caribbean flavor. Besides, Jamaicans have long been part of this community’s history through the Farm-workers Program, so already. In the same vein, there was some familiarity with the culture.

Further, there are some fine restaurants in the Buffs Menu community that deliver great food. But, a Caribbean restaurant was long overdue. So, Patrick and Sophia wanted to provide a restaurant that would provide a good home-cooked meal, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, at an affordable price.

Also, at times the process can be very challenging in today’s tough economy. But, good wishes, love, and support we continue to receive from the community is the reason Caribbean Cuisine will continue to grow and persevere.

Buffs Menu: Misconceptions about Jamaican Food

Most importantly, the number one misconception about Jamaican food is that it is overly hot and spicy. So, this could not be further from the truth. Jamaican cuisine, like another Caribbean cuisine, is a fusion of flavors from all areas of the world.

Moreover, there are influences from Spain, France, England, Italy, and Africa. However, all the Caribbean islands are different, and all use different cooking styles, herbs, and flavors to form the greatest gastronomical secret in the world. Namely, Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine has some of the tastiest food on the planet.

The other popular misconception about Jamaican food is that what is not hot and spicy is sweet and sticky. Likewise, again, this is a wrong assumption. So, like all West Indian Food, a combination of cooking techniques and herbs are used.

Besides, the majority of people would consider curry and jerk seasonings to be hot. But they are a sophisticated balance of sweet, spicy, and savory. Also, many people wonder how to gain weight with processed foods? Our menu is a collection of nutritious natural dishes. So you can quickly gain weight but will be balanced, so you do not become obese.

Need to know more about Jamaican food

Most people are more familiar with the spices and herbs used in the cooking of Jamaican, Caribbean, and West Indian Food than they might think. Besides, popular spices and seasonings include lime juice, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. So, most jerk seasonings combine these spices in a carefully crafted formula that varies from family to family and frequently has been handed down from one generation to another.

In conclusion, Jamaican cuisine can be expected to be food that has been slowly cooked and contains a rich combination of flavors. But, meat is juicy and fall-off-the-bone tender with smoky undertones, while vegetables are enhanced with citrus juices and other fruit juices that lend subtle, bright notes of flavor.

However, unlike typical American fare, Caribbean cuisine does not rely on large quantities of salt that weigh down the palate. So, the taste of the meat, vegetables, and grains is the center of the recipe, with cooking techniques and spices that accessorize and show off the food’s inherent flavors.

In short, those who have never tried Jamaican food are missing out on a taste experience and cuisine that can only be defined as sublime.

Buffs Menu is located in Brooklyn and Long Island.

Indeed, Buffs Menu serves Fresh, Delicious Jerk Pit Style Authentic Recipes. So, come and try our authentic Jamaican Jerk dishes! Because they taste fantastic, servings are generous, and repeat visits are assured!

Customer reviews:

“We had the BBQ chicken and vegetarian plate. The BBQ chicken was delicious. The vegetarian plate was all the stuff you get with the meat dishes without the meat (red beans and rice, plantains, and grilled cabbage). The portions were huge, and the food tasted great. The cabbage was a bit greasy, but not bad. Overall yum!!”

“Excellent as always. The oxtail was perfectly tender, the rice hot and perfect, and as always, the plantains were fabulous. I think island Spice might be the best Caribbean place in San Diego. I wish they were open later.”

“Wow was this place tasty and huge portions. I will be ordering from here many times in the future.”

“Buffs Menu pride themselves on their large Jamaican cuisine selection. However, the overall feel is one of “taverns” – all wood walls, floors, tables, and chairs. So, it’s a comfortable place to relax, eat, and watch a game.”

“Also, the service was particularly friendly and casual. Likewise, I liked that the kitchen was open and visible. And since we sat nearby, allowed us to chat a bit with the cook/manager.”

“Buffs Menu was a Jamaican restaurant version of tavern fare. So, they included some vegan options, including the vegan chili, which I ordered. Moreover, there were also salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and calzones. And one very heart-attack worthy item: the option to turn your calzone into a panzerotti (for those who are unaware as I was, a panzerotti is a deep-fried calzone – the chimichanga of Italian food).”

Other customer reviews:

“Likewise, I decided to go with the vegan chili. So, I was sold on the description of ten vegetables and four beans. Meanwhile, I was in the mood for something healthy and light, and the chili hit the spot. I should add that I reorganized it by adding cheese (you can also add chicken and onions if you choose). Also, and that it came with a side of garlic toast.”

“Similarly, the chili had a delicious flavor – almost like a bean soup, but thicker. So, the cheese added to the chili. Even though the bowl was small, it was very filling and hearty due to all of the beans. However, if it had been any bigger, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. Overall, it was perfect. But, not nearly as good as what the husband got.”

“Above all, a chili cheeseburger! Therefore, the chili that topped this burger was not the veggie chili that I got. No, I am talking meat on meat. So, his chili’s flavor was deep and rich, and the burger was incredibly flavorful and tender. Best of all, their burgers are served on a potato bun, the softness of which was the perfect complement to this meal.”

“Overall, the Buffs Menu is a great neighborhood joint. So, leave all pretensions and presumptions at the door. In conclusion, this is a great spot to kick back and tuck into a good meal.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Buffs menu hot spicy dishes?

The FACT is, most Jamaican dishes are not spicy hot. So, the hot and spicy dishes are the jerk pork, jerk chicken, and jerk ribs. Moreover, these meats are marinated in our unique, homemade, jerk sauce for at least 24 hours to ensure that the unique flavor and taste are capture before our chef prepares it for the table.

However, other dishes can be enhanced to desire taste and to like our abundance of unique Jamaican Hot Sauces that can be found nowhere else upstate but right here at your Caribbean Cuisine.

What is the Buffs Menu of Jamaican Cuisine?

In conclusion, Jamaican Cuisine is a combination of styles that transform into one unique blend that creates a brand the world has grown to love. During the colonialism era, the Africans brought to the island of Jamaica and continued their traditional cooking method.

The Africans learned some essential tips from the few native Indians left on the island. Similarly, the Indians showed the Africans how to extract and use all-natural resources the island provided them for herbs and spices.

Another thing that both cultures did share is the belief that what man puts in his body should be spiritual and pure. So, they believe that food should be well prepared. There should be a lot of soul and love going into the preparation of delicious food.

After that, at Jamaican Choice Caribbean Cuisine, we have a tremendous amount of respect for what our ancestors have accomplished and the valuable lessons they passed on to us about the art of cooking. So, we vow to continue to uphold these traditions; we will not deviate from the principles that have made this brand outstanding.

What is Buff Patty’s Buffs Menu?

Above all, for the finest Caribbean cuisine, visit Jamaican Restaurant, located at 798 Elmont Road Elmont, NY 11003 or 376 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205. Moreover, this is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the islands’ atmosphere and the best Caribbean food around.

Also, Buff Patty Restaurant is relaxing and an excellent way to spend an evening with family or friends. Moreover, start your meal with one of their featured specialties, such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken, pork, and fish, as well as their fall-off-the-bone hickory-smoked ribs. Because all served with the vegetable of the day and rice.

So, end your meal with one of their taste-tempting Caribbean desserts. However, the entrée selections at Buff Patty Restaurant are endless, and the service is beyond all expectations.

Is it challenging to learn to prepare Caribbean cuisine?

When you think about visiting the Caribbean region, one of the first things you think about is food. The food of the Caribbean islands combines flavors, techniques, and ingredients from all over the world. Thanks to the real melting pot of cultures, including European, African, East Indian, American Indian, and Chinese, the local cuisine is amazingly flavorful.

When you are thinking about learning to cook Caribbean food, one of the first things that you need to consider is that you should have some basic cooking knowledge.

Is Caribbean cuisine more healthy than American cuisine?

The Caribbean offers healthy cuisine that is low in calories and fat. American cuisine tends to be high in fat and calories resulting in the possibility of weight gain. Most American cuisine consists of cheeseburgers, fast food, and other unhealthy foods. Caribbean cuisine usually includes fish, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

Favorite Caribbean seafood includes lobster, fish, and crab. The Caribbean spices set the seafood apart from American cuisine. Spices include coriander, curry, and ginger.


Above all, Buffs Menu serves up the real thing. So, Gerk is the process of spicing and grilling, resulting in tender foods with a spicy-sweet flavor. Also, Buffs Menu consists of dishes like Jamaican style jerked chicken or pork served with rice, plantains, and vegetables. However, don’t settle on regular chicken wings when you can have started chicken wings or try the Jamaican style oxtail.

Moreover, they also serve Jamaican style jerked pork ribs or have them smothered in homemade BBQ sauce. Likewise, the Buffs Menu also includes a variety of fish dishes, soups, and homemade desserts. During, all food is prepared on the premise by Jamaican James himself.

So, please feel free to bring along your favorite adult beverage, beer, or wine to accompany your meal. Certainly, Buffs Menu is very reasonably priced and well worth the trip. And, check them out at 798 Elmont Road Elmont, NY 11003 or 376 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

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