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Candy Cane Chocolate Bark: It’s Not Complicated Recipe

Back in the summer, I posted a photo of some multi-colored bark I’d made on Instagram, and so many people asked for a post on it. Still, in classic me fashion, I never got around to it, so I thought I’d give you a new Christmas version until yellows/pinks/blues are back in again! You can check out my other festive bark recipes here.

Before we start, I just wanted to add a quick note regarding food coloring; as we’re working with chocolate, it is important to get a gel/paste, as a water-based dye will make the chocolate seize.

I tried the Dr. Oetker Gel, which contained too much water, so I had to add quite a bit of oil to balance it out. I’d suggest a trip to Hobbycraft (or a local bake store if you have one!) to pick up some ‘Rainbow Dust ProGel Food Colouring’ or the Wilton Icing Paste they sell- If you’re from the US, you’ll probably be able to get your hands on good food coloring a lot easier, AmeriColor do plenty!

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  1. Line a large baking tray with parchment paper & clear enough space for it in the fridge
  2. Split the Chocolate into 3 microwavable jugs/bowls, one with 200g and two smaller with 100g each
  3. Melt the smaller two bowls of chocolate one at a time and set the larger aside
  4. Add the red and green food, coloring a drop at a time to each smaller bowl, mixing thoroughly after each drop!
  5. Depending on the quality of your food coloring, you may also need to add some vegetable oil at this point to prevent the chocolate from seizing. If the chocolate starts to re-solidify, then pop it back into the microwave for a few seconds
  6. Once your chocolates are the desired, melt the larger bowl, which will remain white
  7. Pour blobs of each of the melted chocolate onto the baking tray and then tilt the tray around until they level out
  8. Grab a skewer/ cocktail stick and drag it through the melted chocolate to create swirly patterns and mix the chocolates (kind of- not to make a sludgy color but just to combine them, so they aren’t in completely distinct patches)
  9. Dot the sweets around the chocolate, and then add the sprinkles until your heart’s content!
  10. Place in the fridge until set; it shouldn’t take much longer than half an hour!
  11. Remove from the fridge and break up with your hands- if you want precise pieces, you could score lines into the chocolate with a knife before putting it into the fridge, so it’ll be easier to break once set!

I apologize if this sounds complicated. It’s pretty easy and logical when you have everything in front of you- and there’s no way it can’t work; it’s just melted chocolate, after all!

I honestly can’t believe Christmas has been and gone; I’m so unprepared for the year to be over, so I’m dragging out the festivities for as long as possible! My nephews are staying with us for a few more days, so that’s helping to keep the holidays alive in our house.

We’re still living off leftovers, and copious amounts of cheese prolong the festive feeling!

I hope you’ve had a fab Christmas- this is a great way to get rid of some of the said leftovers- who can refuse something you’ve made yourself?!

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Some Reviews:

Oh wow this looks cool, I know it wouldn’t look as good with dark chocolate but I hate white chocolate so I’d definitely want to try and sub it out! This really does look amazing though, I love how colourful it is – Julia

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