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How To Gain Weight With Processed Foods?

Gain Weight With Processed Foods 3

Gain Weight With Processed Foods

How To Add Weight With Processed Foods?

How to add weight with processed foods? “I no longer want to be thin like this. How can I gain weight and fast?” That’s one statement that we are not used to hearing in this “all for weight loss” lifestyle that we live nowadays. Well, with the obesity rate going higher and higher in today’s time.

It does not come off as a surprise that many of us average, ordinary people whine about how fat we are getting and not how we would want to get fat instead.

Well, for the average person, it is. But for those underweight, gaining weight is like a dream come true, especially for those who have speedy metabolisms or are naturally thin because of their genes.

How can I gain weight?

First, let us understand what being underweight is and what would cause a person to ask, “how can I gain weight?”.

Aside from appearing physically small, thin, or frail, an underweight person measures fifteen to twenty percent lower than one’s recommended bodyweight considering one’s age as well as height. There are several causes for this categorized into three categories.

We have the Physical Causes, which are brought about by physical disorders happening inside the human body. We also have what we call Psychological Causes, which are brought about by certain psychological disorders or imbalances in a person’s state.

And last but not least, we have other factors that fall outside the scope of the two major causes mentioned above.

How can I gain weight and feel normal again?

The Psychological Causes that would eventually lead a person to utter the question to “How can I gain weight and feel normal again” deal more with a person’s current mood and state like depression.

People who are depressed are known to have an alarming change (specifically an extreme lack thereof) of appetite. The same goes for bulimia and anorexia.

How to gain weight fast?

The last category that can lead a person to know “how to gain weight fast?” is made up of other medical conditions and lifestyle practices. People taking on a certain kind of medication for specific conditions and enzyme deficiencies can unconsciously lose weight.

They won’t realize it until other people start commenting on it. The same plight goes for people who exercise too much and work too much beyond their average threshold.

Doing so would only lead to stress and unintentional weight loss.

It should always be kept in mind that a balanced lifestyle is always called to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means that there should be a balance between diet, exercise regime, work, lifestyle, most importantly, rest.

What are the weight-gaining foods for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is a process in which a person trains himself to get a good shape and a well-built physique. This process consists of working out rigorously in the gym and is also composed of having the right balance and nutritious diet.

If you are into bodybuilding, your food and calorie requirements are different from others, and you must follow a strict weight gain eating routine. The following are some of the weight gaining foods for bodybuilding:

Weight gains foods for bodybuilding:


Carbohydrates form an essential part of the diet of every person and especially those who are into bodybuilding. Carbs are required for energy, and they must form 50% of your total dietary intake.

Too many carbs will result in fat gain, whereas too few carbohydrates cause energy deficiency; hence, one must know how to balance it.

Simple carbs such as fruits, candies, sports drinks, dextrose, etc., must be included in a bodybuilder’s diet, whereas complex carbs such as brown rice, oats, pasta, beans, etc., are present.


Protein-rich foods such as tuna, salmon, chicken breast, turkey, egg white, and pork chops are also recommended for the right protein intake for muscle and bodybuilders because protein is essential and builds lean muscle tissues.


Many people believe that having fats is not suitable for bodybuilders. But if one knows which fats to have and which to avoid, they are safe from the harmful effects. One must prevent Trans fats and concentrate on having good fats such as olive oil, nuts, fish, and seeds.


Many people who are in the process of bodybuilding are recommended to have supplements. Such as whey protein supplements, creatine supplements, and multivitamin supplements as well. These supplements help to fulfill the requirement of nutrients and hence help in weight gaining.

Weight gain strategies for underweight individuals:

Eat frequently:

You may quickly feel full if you are underweight. You should eat high-calorie foods at least five times a day, instead of three big meals. Buffs Menu of Buff Patty will help you gain weight naturally. Because they prepare natural foods, health is guaranteed.

Include Nutrient-rich Foods:

You should choose foods such as whole-grain bread, cereal, pasta, fruits, vegetables, lean protein foods, low-fat dairy foods, and seeds and nuts for a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Nutritious Drinks:

You should limit drinks such as diet soda, tea, coffee, and other low-calorie beverages with little or no nutritional value. Have smoothies or shakes made with fresh fruits, low-fat milk, or soy milk, and add few ground flax seeds.

Some underweight individuals maybe recommend going for liquid meal substitution. It would help if you took fluids 30 minutes before a meal or after it, to avoid feeling full before eating.

Consume Calorie-dense Snacks:

Snack on dried fruits, nuts, avocados, peanut butter, and cheese. You can have a jelly and peanut butter sandwich or a sandwich consisting of sliced vegetables, avocado, and cheese, or lean meat as a snack before bedtime.

Top it off:

For increasing calories, start adding extras to the dishes, such as low fat, dried milk in a stew, cheese in a casserole, and soups combined with scrambled eggs.

Healthy Treats:

Eat healthy treats such as granola bars, bran muffins, fruit pies, and yogurt, providing essential nutrients.


It would help if you worked out regularly, especially weight training, to put on weight by building your muscles.


Weight gain can be very challenging for those who are underweight. Being lean doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not in a healthy condition. But it can be a real concern if you are underweight because of poor nutrition or a pregnant woman or a specific medical condition or other health issues.

Hence, you must consult a physician or a dietitian and plan the best ways to gain weight.

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