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Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 1

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500, also called Ninja Kitchen System 1500, is a unique, high-tech blender system for your home. If you have dreamed of having a kitchen complete with every appliance imaginable, then the Ninja Kitchen system should be high on your list.

The revolutionary Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a manifestation of the latest technology, making it one of the fastest food processor blenders globally. Furthermore, it combines the features of a blender and a food processor, ensuring that you have both appliances in the same product.

You can do a lot of things with the 1500 watt Ninja Mega Kitchen System. For example, if you need a food blender, a juicer, and a blender or food processor, you can buy three different appliances instead of buying three different appliances.

Were you looking for a great blender? Then the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 might be able to help you out. Ninja successfully sold its famous Ninja Blender model for years, but they never made any significant changes until now because consumers were already satisfied.

Ninja is a manufacturer of efficient kitchen appliances such as a blender, food processor, rice cooker, oil-free fryer, and oven. Usually, their blenders are of impressive build quality, and although they are mostly plastic, we should feel all of their products as reliable and robust.

Most of their jars, lids, and blades can be wash immediately in a dishwasher and stored in an easy tidy. Some of their blenders also include unique accessories and equipment, like a food processor or micro juicer. Unfortunately, most cannot handle hot foods, which is unsatisfactory if you want to mix soup.

Key Features Of The Ninja Professional 1500:

To achieve its impressive results, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has various features to achieve its functionality. Some of these features include:

72 oz Square pitcher:

To ensure that users get the best experience, the 72 oz pitcher features a lock-in lid with a pour spout. As such, you can effectively pour your contents once they have been processed or blended.

64 oz processor bowl with four-blade attachment:

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is both a professional blender and dough-making system. While the 72 oz.

The pitcher has a pour spout; the 64 oz dough bowl also comes with a lock-in lid and a fill spout to ensure that you can get your contents inside with much ease. The 64 oz bowl is essential for your processing. This way, users can be able to use the system with much ease.

Two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids:

Two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go.

1500 watts of power:

The Ninja Kitchen System 1500 is a pretty impressive system requiring up to 1500W to operate. However, it offers unrivaled speed with such power and has been rated as the fastest blender in the world.

Multiple blades

The multiple blades spinning at top speeds offer unrivaled results, whether making a smoothie, salsa, or just grinding a product. With a lovely aesthetic design and appeal, the Ninja Blender is impressive outside and in its operations.

Dishwasher safe parts:

This is an automated feature where the blades can stay at constant and controlled speed; hence it’s not damaged even if you use the dishwasher.

Sturdy, Non-slip base:

To ensure that users get a firm grip of the Ninja Kitchen System 1500 and ensure it doesn’t slip, it has a sturdy base that every user is proud of.

Get the best discounts and prices for Ninja Kitchen System 1500:

The Ninja Kitchen System 1500 is a worthy buy if you’re looking for a good and powerful blender to add to your home. With the fastest speeds globally, low price, and different crushing speeds, it offers immense reliability for every home user.

Features Of The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500:

The Pros and Cons of Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500:


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 features the latest Auto-iQ technology which offers current feedback control for optimal performance. This gives it the fastest speeds worldwide.
It comes with a 72 oz pitcher, a large 64 oz bowl, and (2) 16oz Cup for Smoothies, all free of BPA, a degrading and harmful chemical commonly found in plastics.
The 1500 watts of power gives the Ninja Blender incredible speed, effectiveness, and popularity.
The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Costco comes at three different speeds to enhance utility. The first speed is for dough, the second for blending purposes, while the third is for crushing ice.
The Ninja Blender Costco has impeccable crushing capability and can crush anything ranging from ice cream and mixed drinks to ice.
Low price. Given its capabilities and compared to other blenders, the Ninja Blender gives you value for your money.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 tends to retain some tiny unsliced pieces of leftovers due to pressure when you’re making a smoothie or a shake. You may have to remove these manually as they are caught on to the bottom.
Very sharp blades; hence you need to be careful when using the blender.

We have found the best price and delivery for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Costco to be at Please click the link below to check it out.

Background History of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500:

The Ninja food processor had its first design made by Stephen J. Who was the owner of the Stevens Electric Company? Stephens J. Began designed and made blenders in 1919 under a contract with the Arnold Electric Company. Three years later, he released a mixer for drinks designed to make the Horlicks malted milkshakes. This was done at the soda fountain.

In the same year, 1922, the liquefier blender was first brought to the public domain. In the 1930s, this blender was improved by one L. Hamilton, who came up with a different type. Later on, in 1933, L. Hamilton designed the miracle mixer being assisted by Fred Waring.

Four years down the line, Fred Waring improved the blender and came up with the Waring Blendor, and in that same year, Barnard W. Launched his product The Blender with a stainless steel jar Pyrex.

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Buying Guide:

Ninja Kitchen System 1500 is currently on the market with motor mounts on the top and through a shaft. It can connect to the blade at the bottom of the jar. The jar has a bottle design to mix and is made from various materials, including glass, plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain.

The jar also has marks on the surface, which enable you to measure while blending. The blades are removable when the jar has an O-ring in between the jar and the bottom. The ring prevents any leakages. The shape of the jar is in such a manner that the materials being blended will rotate are the blade does the cutting.

The Ninja Kitchen System 1500 has limited disadvantages, and they may vary from one model to another. However, one common disadvantage that the Ninja professional blenders share is that they cannot blend foods and heat them up at the same time. They are only meant for cold drinks and beverages. A hot beverage can only be blended after it has been heated up before pouring into the jar.

Besides, the Ninja Kitchen System 1500 aims to simplify the cooking and food preparation process. Also, it replaces your Blender, Food Processor, Juicer, and Mixer. Moreover, the Multipurpose kitchen tool claims to do everything from chopping, blending, crushing, and mixing.

So, you don’t need multiple machines that you are constantly bringing out and having to clean. People are saying that the Ninja Kitchen System 1500 is revolutionizing you to prepare and cook in the kitchen. The question is does this machine live up to the hype. Please read and get our Ninja Kitchen System 1500 review.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 (BL770) vs. Vitamix 750

Ninja BL682 vs BL770:

Product:Ninja BL682Ninja BL770
Wattage1,500 watts1,500 watts
Blender TypeFood ProcessorFood Processor
Included TechnologyAuto-IQ TechnologyNormal blender technology
Maximum Capacity72 ounces72 ounces
Price rangeMore expensiveLess expensive

Ninja BL770 vs BN801:

Product:Ninja BL770Ninja BN801
Best forLong time of useTime-saving gadget
Dimensions9.4x8.3x17.9 inches9.6x7.3x18 inches
Weight9.20 pounds9.30 pounds
ColorBlackBlack and grey
Noise95 dBA95.4 dBA
Wattages1500 W1400 W

Ninja BL494 vs BL770:

Product:Ninja BL770Ninja BL494
Speed3-speed settings2-speed settings
BladeStainless SteelStainless Steel
Dough BladeYesYes
Smoothie FunctionNoYes
Pitcher72 oz72 oz
Food processor Jar64 oz48 oz
Smoothie cupsTwo 16-ozTwo 24-oz
MaterialBPA-free plasticBPA-free plastic
Dishwasher SafeYesYes

Ninja BL820 vs BL770

ProductNinja BL770Ninja BL820
Food Processor Bowl Capacity8 cups, 64 ounces8 cups, 64 ounces
Number of SpeedsThreeTen
Food Processor AccessoriesChopping Blade & Dough BladeChopping Blade, Dough Blade, Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc, Grating Disc
Wattage:1500 watts1500 watts

Ninja BL910 Vs BL770

ProductNinja BL910Ninja BL770
ColorBlack/stainless steelBlack
Best forPresets & timerPowerful motor base
Weight9 pounds9.20 lbs
Capacity72 oz pitcher 64 oz food processor bowl Nutri Ninja single-serve cup72 oz pitcher 64 oz food processor bowl (2) Nutri Ninja single-serve cups
Cord length30 inches34.8 inches
Noise88 dBA95-97 dBA
Blade materialStainless steelStainless steel
Container materialPlasticPlastic
Speed3-speed settings3-speed settings

Ninja BL770 vs BL771

ProductNinja BL770Ninja BL771
Number of containersFourFive
Best forExtra attachmentsOriginal product
Noise95 dBA95 dBA
Dimensions9.4 x 8.3 x 17.9 inches9.4 x 8.3 x 17.9 inches
Weight9.20 lbs9.20 pounds

Ninja BL685 vs BL770

ProductNinja BL770Ninja BL685
Wattages1500 W1200 W
NoiseNoisierLess noisy
Best forPowerful motor baseLuxurious construction
Dimensions9.4 x 8.3 x 17.9 inches7.1 x 10.25 x 17.75 inches
Weight9.20 lbs9.88 pounds
ColorBlackBlack/stainless steel
SpeedThree-speed settingsNo speed setting (only pulse and presets)
Cord length34.8 inches32.6 inches
Container materialPlasticPlastic
Capacity72 oz pitcher 64 oz food processor bowl (2) Nutri Ninja 16-oz single-serve cups72 oz pitcher 64 oz food processor bowl Nutri Ninja 18-oz single-serve cup Nutri Ninja 24-oz single-serve cup

Ninja BL642 vs BL770

ProductNinja BL770Ninja BL642
Noise95 dBA100 dBA
Best forPowerful motor baseThe price & quality
Weight9.20 pounds10.10 lbs
ColorBlackStainless-steel and black
Bowl Capacity1L2.1L
Ice Crushing FunctionNoYes
Pulse FunctionNoYes
PopularityLots of Positive ReviewsLots of Positive Reviews
My ScoresVery GoodExcellent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 – What Is It?

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that can aim to combine several machines in one. Its purpose is to make food cooking and prep easier and quicker. In addition, reducing the number of appliances you need helps to simplify your kitchen.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 – What I Like?

Above all, the solidly constructed blender comes with a five-star rated blade system, with a whopping 1500 watts of power. Besides, this high-power motor helps to drive all of the unique and varied blade adapters. Also, I like how simple and easy the system makes it do all of your food cooking and processing.

Moreover, easy and quick, you can knead bread, make soup, juices, crush ice, and cut your slice your fruits and vegetable. So, all the parts can quickly and easily be interchanged to ensure the device can be used.

Besides, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has a patent technology called Smart Speed. So, it uses an electric sensor to ensure that the blender’s speed is correctly adjusted depending on the amount of mixing and chopping that needs to be done. Moreover, the result is a more consistent blend that produces smoother and delicious results.

The Ninja is really an all-purpose device. So, although most people think of the tool as a blender, it really does a whole lot more.

Also, the blending and ice crushing abilities are better than most blenders that cost hundreds of dollars more. Moreover, add the ability to chop your food and chop it well; the Ninja is a time-saving, cook-enhancing device.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500: What I Didn’t Like?

One of the complaints of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is the lid can sometimes be a little difficult to remove;. However, this is not a major fault; it would be great if there were additional tabs to help pull off the lid, especially considering you are constantly using the device for all of its various functions.

Another thing to consider is the Ninja Professional 1500 is a unique blending system. Its strength is how fast and powerful the blade moves to produce fantastic results, but you will need to change how you blend slightly. In short, powerful blends prefer and produce better results than leaving the device on for continuous five-minute blends, which often need to be done with a more conventional system.

Is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 worth it?

If you’re looking to spice things up at mealtime, then the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is the perfect way to do so. It is so much more than just your standard juicer and really could be involved with every meal that you prepare.

If you ever find that there are types of dishes you want to make but don’t have the capabilities or tools to make them, you should certainly consider the Ninja Blender 1500. This will revolutionize the way you prepare your meals and instantly opens dozens of culinary doors that were previously closed.

Is the Ninja Blender worth it?

Do you like both food blender and blender but don’t really intend to buy two separate appliances? So, if the vast 1500 Ninja Kitchen System (BL770) is definitely a top choice. Moreover, this blender or food blender is ergonomically built, sturdy, and incredibly simple to clean for every need.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a revolutionary blender-like tool that works as much more than just a blender or a food processor. Also, it is equipped with a sleek design and performs admirably in the kitchen, and gives you the chance to revolutionize your diet completely.

While most blenders have a type design merely with fruits and other similar foods in mind during production, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 has the unique capability to knead the dough for pizzas, bread, and pretzels, and even cookies.

So, with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500, you can create all of your favorite recipes quickly and easily, and all with just the touch of a button.

Many people will look at the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 and get the impression that it’s simply another blender or juicer. However, that is certainly not the case.

Besides, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 can perform the duties of many of your average juicers. Such as blending vegetables and fruits. But Ninja Professional 1500 watts isn’t a natural juice extractor, meaning you may need to add some liquid or even ice to reach the consistency you’re looking for.

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